About Us



Concepts Beyond provides a wide range of advanced technical capabilities in aviation, systems engineering, data analytics, software engineering, analyses, and strategic planning to bring innovative solutions to our customers’ needs. We bring Air Traffic Management (ATM) expertise combined with information management, governance, and other fields to the aviation domain to develop and assess new concepts for US National Airspace System (NAS), and other air traffic systems across the globe.


Our well-rounded team provides a full spectrum of expertise to solving problems, ranging from research to technical to management.  The success of our customers is how we measure our success, working closely together with our customers to understand their needs, constraints, and inter-dependencies to provide the best approach possible.  Our values are integrity, quality, teamwork, and innovation.


We provide Systems and Concept Engineering expertise up front to understand the functional needs and design innovative concepts for approaching 
the problems. Our Software Engineering and Information Management solutions aim at fulfilling our customer’s functional needs in a cost-effective, efficient manner.


Because the technical solution is often not enough, we also examine the customer’s structure and processes to develop appropriate governance for effectively instituting new ways of doing business and adopting the changes. Throughout the process, we provide strategic planning and program management support to help our customers navigate through risk management, schedule planning, and financial analysis.


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