Global Information & Data Exchange


Concepts Beyond has established itself as a leader in Global Information Exchange including data governance and validation.  Working closely with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the FAA NextGen organization, Concepts Beyond has helped further a collaborative environment to facilitate global information exchange.


Collaborative Environment

The ICAO Global Air Traffic Management (ATM) concept envisions future automation systems to be integrated, harmonized and globally interoperable for users in all phases of flight. The goal is to increase user flexibility and maximize operating efficiencies, while increasing system capacity and improving safety levels in ATM systems. The ICAO Flight and Flow Information for a Collaborative Environment (FF-ICE) aims to be a cornerstone of performance-based air navigation systems and defines information requirements for flight planning, flow management and trajectory management.


Global Interoperability within the ASBU Concept:

The Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU) is an effort leveraged by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to establish a transition plan for development of ATM solutions and to enable global interoperability. A key part of defining global interoperability within ASBU is developing technology roadmaps, specifically to validate standards and procedures, and to facilitate the synchronization of information exchange systems across the globe.



ASBU Block Upgrades


FF-ICE Concept:

The concept of interoperability and information management is a component of ASBU Upgrade Block B1-25. FF-ICE seeks to resolve issues such as limited collaboration between ANSPs, reliance on voice radio communications, and disparate services & procedures. Within FF-ICE, issues such as the sharing of flight information, the distribution path and information security are addressed. By resolving these issues, the key benefits of FF-ICE including interoperability, efficiency, capacity, and safety within global aviation systems can be attained.



FF-ICE within ASBU


Global Information Exchange Research:

To achieve the milestones set forth by the ICAO ASBU, the FAA NextGen organization established the “Mini-Global” demonstration project. This is a collaborative effort between the FAA and the international aviation community, designed to provide a globally networked infrastructure for the research and validation of SWIM concepts; global information exchange models including FIXM, iWXXM, and AIXM; and the operational concepts outlined in the FF-ICE.


The recent Mini Global II project took a leap forward, with multiple EMS providers utilized as the infrastructure at a global level to accomplish international information exchange.  Concepts Beyond provided strategic planning and expertise to the FAA in managing and orchestrating the integration of many ANSPs, EMS providers, and airspace users from around the world to exchange air traffic data in internationally accepted definitions of standards, governance, and business/data rules for exchanging standardized data.


Concepts Beyond is also helping the FAA in working with the international aviation community to collaborate on the International Interoperability Harmonization and Validation (IIH&V) project, which will demonstrate and validate ASBU/FF-ICE concepts for potential future implementation among NAS components, as well as the interoperability between the NAS and international ANSPs’ components. This new project will align current and future NextGen activities with the ICAO standards and provisions to improve the accuracy and availability of flight information, and add consistency to flight planning in different ATM systems and ANSP domains.


Data Governance & Validation

Each ANSP has their own procedures and business rules for managing air traffic, and implementing SWIM.  In this environment of disparate implementations and levels of system capabilities, Data Governance is critical to ensuring that data is properly understood by all users of global air traffic information, not just ANSPs.


Concepts Beyond is taking the lead in this effort, by establishing and leading the Data Governance Working Group. Concepts Beyond has also developed the Data Governance Module (DGM), which monitors data exchanged, and not only validates messages for conformance to the international standards, but also checks message content against adopted business rules.  The module supports many data exchange technologies including JMS and SOAP-WS, and validates against ICAO standards including FIXM, AIXM, iWXXM.



DGM 3-D map conformance validation results


ANSPs from around the world have found that the tool is invaluable to making their systems conform to international data exchange standards to be interoperable with other international entities.  Over the 9-month course of the Mini-Global II project, DGM helped ANSPs move from 22% compliance to nearly 100% compliance at the demonstration event.



DGM conformance results in chart format

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