Information Management & Governance


Concepts Beyond has established itself as a leader in Global Information Exchange including data governance and validation.  Working closely with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the FAA NextGen organization, Concepts Beyond has helped further a collaborative environment to facilitate global information exchange.


Information Management

Information Management is an important concept for an enterprise to have the information needed to understand its operations and make decisions.  The enterprise recognizes the value of information as its own distinct asset formed from data and belonging to the enterprise rather than coupled to the individual systems that produce the data.


Within the information life cycle, data is produced or acquired; then archived; then cleansed, filtered, and processed into information, and then disseminated to users.  Systems and individuals then use the information and produce additional information which continues the cycle.


Strategies are developed to ensure that the data, systems, and technologies are properly planned and adopted for the Enterprise, to minimize data duplication, ensure a cohesive architecture, and provide efficiency in obtaining and using data.  Data Governance provides custodianship of the data and processes and modeling to ensure that the data is well understood in a consistent and efficient way.  Security provides role-based access control to the data and encryption and other forms of data protection at rest and during transport.


Concepts Beyond is helping the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) enterprise move from managing data and information in a legacy environment where data is stove-piped within the systems that produce them, to an information sharing environment where information is available in an efficient, secure, governed way in a service-oriented architecture.


Data Analytics & Management

Concepts Beyond is creating capabilities for the FAA’s Information Management activity (also commonly referred to as National Airspace System (NAS) Enterprise Repository (NER), which is the first phase of the project).  The activity’s goal is to provide a means for FAA users and systems to better obtain NAS data for performing post-operational analyses.


DGM 3D flight path tracing


The system is built upon open-architecture and Big Data technologies such as HDFS, and capabilities include data storage, access, analytical tools, collaboration capabilities, and an environment for data processing functions for FAA users and programs.  The data is transformed into information such as performance metrics, designing new airspaces, determining operational errors, or viewing the path of a flight using radar hits.  Reporting and 3D visualization tools help analysts better understand data both for data selection and post-processing.


NER concept


Data Governance

Concepts Beyond is also developing strategies for Data Governance to ensure proper stewardship of the data, ensure data traceability, and ensure that the logical data models are properly constructed and mapped to the physical data models so that the data can be understood across various data types.


For further information about these and other Information Management and Data Governance concepts and our support of them, please contact Concepts Beyond.