Information Security


Concepts Beyond is a leader in Information Security using common exchange standards to help the FAA and ICAO promote information sharing in both domestic and international domains.


Establishing Security CONOPs and Validation

The Collaborative Information Management (CIM) project is an FAA NextGen initiated effort intended to introduce information sharing concepts to United States Agencies under the guidance of ASBU and FF-ICE. The goal of CIM is to develop futuristic Concepts of Operations (CONOPS) and to establish a roadmap to meet that goal. The CONOPS will deal with secure, standards-based inter-agency sharing of aviation information. Similar to the Mini Global demonstration projects, CIM seeks to introduce its CONOPS in support of aviation operations for airspace users. The CIM CONOPS, however, focuses on examining secure methods for exchanging information between domestic US agencies, specifically between the FAA and Depart of Defense (DoD).


While CIM and Mini Global have different focus, the two initiatives complement each other. CIM has its own set of stakeholders and demonstrations, but its demonstrations were coordinated with the Mini-Global demonstrations to provide a source of confidential military data, providing an enhanced level of security, and enabling the information obfuscation CONOPs.


capture_001_06112016_150021CIM & Mini Global CONOPs


Concepts Beyond provides strategic planning and expertise to help the FAA in working with the US Air Force to test secure communications with US agencies using common exchange standards (FIXM), and industry accepted security methods (SAML-HOK) to enable secure and efficient exchanges.


In support of the demonstration, Concepts Beyond also developed a Security Validation Module that validated the information exchanged to ensure that sensitive flight information was indeed redacted from unauthorized parties while still available to authorized users.


capture_001_03112016_115257DGM Security Validation Module


As a follow-on to the security validation performed on CIM and Mini-Global, Concepts Beyond is also vested in determining performance of security profiles. By working with the FAA WJHTC and DGM analytics team, Concepts Beyond conducted a performance analysis of NAS message exchange security profiles and their impacts to overall performance. These security profiles covered a breadth of technologies from JMS to WS-Security to 1/2-way TLS connections.


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